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Citizen Scientists Present Free School Meal Allowance Findings to MPs at Parliament Event

The Food Foundation and FixOurFood Empowers Young People in Advocacy for Change


In a groundbreaking event on November 29th, 2023, citizen scientists participating in The Food Foundation and FixOurFood programme took centre stage in the UK Parliament. Their mission: to present comprehensive findings and insights regarding the Free School Meal allowance, aiming to drive critical changes in national policy.

The collaborative initiative empowered young people to test the limits of the Free School Meal system. Their research shed light on the lived experiences and challenges faced by families dependent on this support.

Amidst a backdrop of growing concern over food insecurity and the adequacy of nutritional provisions for vulnerable children, the event served as a pivotal platform for citizen scientists to directly engage with Members of Parliament (MPs). With an air of determination, these citizen advocates presented their findings and recommendations for reform.

Among the key points raised by the citizen scientists were concerns about the adequacy of the current allowance in providing balanced and nutritious meals. They presented compelling evidence detailing the struggles faced by families in ensuring children receive adequate nutrition on this budget.

Moreover, the FixOurFood participants emphasised the need for greater flexibility in the allowance to accommodate varying regional costs and family circumstances. They urged policymakers to consider indexing the allowance to inflation and conducting regular reviews to ensure it aligns with the evolving economic landscape.

MPs in attendance expressed gratitude for the citizens’ dedication and vowed to take the presented findings into serious consideration during policy discussions. The event served as a catalyst for initiating dialogues aimed at re-evaluating and enhancing the Free School Meal allowance to better support the nutritional needs of vulnerable children.

As the nation grapples with the complexities of food insecurity and social inequality, the voices of these citizen scientists stand as a testament to the power of community-driven advocacy in shaping a more equitable future for all.

The parliament event on November 29th marked a pivotal moment in the journey towards reimagining and revitalising the support systems crucial for the well-being of the most vulnerable among us.

The full report can be found here: A BETTER DEAL FOR FREE SCHOOL MEALS