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FixOurFood Commission

Championing transformation of the Yorkshire food system for healthy people, thriving businesses and a flourishing planet.

What is the FixOurFood Commission?

We have established the FixOurFood Commission to provide a cohesive voice for Yorkshire food system transformation supporting healthy people, thriving businesses and a flourishing planet. It will work alongside stakeholders to action change in food policy, remodel supply chains and public food procurement, improve dietary health, particularly in young people, and support innovation in regenerative practices.

There are excellent initiatives and programmes going on across Yorkshire and we hope to help bring them together and support them in driving forward.

The FixOurFood Commission is part of the FixOurFood research programme, based at the University of York. For further information about the FixOurFood Commission, please contact Sophie Stewart at:

Our projects

The initial strategy meeting for the commission has been scheduled for early March, following this we will update the website with future plans.

The Commission Chairs

The Commissioners

The Role of a Commissioner

Our commissioners will:
  • Contribute to the transformation of the Yorkshire food system alongside other like-minded professionals – improving human and planetary health, supporting purpose driven food businesses and networks.
  • Champion an area of action which has been identified as essential for regional food system transformation.
  • Attend an induction into the work of the Commission.
  • Attend quarterly meetings online or in person as appropriate.

We have selected commissioners who have demonstrated skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Supply chain innovation
  • Farm innovation for regenerative approaches
  • Purpose driven businesses, particularly in food manufacture and processing
  • School food
  • Public procurement
  • Dietary and public health, including obesity

This role is voluntary.

Affiliate Organisations

Yorkshire Organic Millers

The Role of an Affiliate

Our affiliate organisations (or individuals) will
  • Promote the FixOurFood Commission’s work and activity to their own wider network
  • Share information and good practice/case studies with the Commission
  • Provide specialist knowledge: written/verbal/virtual or at a FixOurFood Commission meeting if invited to attend as a guest
  • Join task and finish groups to support a particular area of work for a specific period of time
  • Attend/support/promote FixOurFood Commission events
  • Consent to the FixOurFood Commission using your/your organisation’s name in promotional material, documentation and social media where appropriate

By aiming for as many Affiliates as we possibly can, this will enable:

  • Wide reach across diverse sectors
  • Increase profile and credibility
  • Provide lots of information/help map activity across the region
  • Enable the Commission to facilitate greater connectivity amongst communities/activists
  • The greater the number of supporters, the more likely the Commission will be able to influence decision makers

This is not a strategic role and attendance at regular meetings will not be required.

If you would like to become an affiliate of the FixOurFood Commission please email:

Commission Project Managers