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Stewarding change in food systems in a time of the great transformation

November 10, 2021

a butterfly with spread wings

By Prof Ioan Fazey, Lead for Transformation and 3 Horizons As the world has watched COP26 with bated breath, wondering whether genuine and meaningful progress will have been made, it is helpful to remind ourselves that we are already in a major global period of change where transformations in our economy, food systems and ways […]

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Shining a light on the food system through storytelling

November 4, 2021

piece of paper that says words have power

In October 2021, Global Food Security held their ‘Speak Up for Food Security’ Research Storytelling competition online. The competition aimed to equip early career researchers (ECRs) with the knowledge and skills to inform climate action in the food system, as well as to inspire action. The competition was also timely ahead of the UK hosting […]

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Grow It York: Believing in healthy food

September 9, 2021

In a previous blog post, Katherine Denby, from the University of York, introduced the vertical farm project which she is leading as part of the FixOurFood programme. In this blog post, we explore the partnerships which are behind Grow It York. For those who haven’t heard of Grow It York, it is a vertical community […]

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Sparking interest in community vertical farming

July 14, 2021

Prof Katherine Denby from the University of York is leading a key area of research for FixOurFood, developing a business model which focuses on indoor vertical farming under controlled environmental conditions. This blog tells us more about this innovative hybrid business model.  Vertical farming is a sector on the rise. It involves growing fresh produce […]

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