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Dr Adrian Williams

Image of Adrian Williams

Adrian’s career started with research into waste management and progressed into a wide range of experimentally-based agri-environmental research including: biological treatment systems, silage conservation, gaseous emission measurement and control, and improved manure management methods. He later concentrated on mathematical modelling, initially using process models, leading to work in whole-farm agri-environmental and systems modelling, and environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

After moving to Cranfield, he developed the systems-based LCA work, which expanded rapidly. This addressed subjects from individual commodity production, packaging to extend product life and consumption to livestock health national dietary change. He is part of the team that improved and delivers the UK agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. More recent work focussed on the LCA of GHG removal (or net emissions technology – NET), particularly soil management, along with contributing to multi criteria assessments of agriculture and the valuation of the environmental impacts of scientific activities.

His research interests include: Development and application of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for agricultural and horticultural commodities and the food system; Whole system agri-environmental modelling, Effects of dietary change on the environment; More environmentally benign waste management; Modelling and measuring ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from agriculture; Multi stakeholder and ecosystem services evaluation; Water use and impacts in agriculture and food.

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