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Dr Esther Carmen

Image of Esther Carmen

Esther is based in the Department of Environment and Geography at York and is an interdisciplinary, qualitative, environmental social scientist. Her interests lie in social, political and cultural dimensions of collective change to engage with socio-environmental challenges to shift to more sustainable futures.

In her role as Research Associate for FixOurFood she works with others across the team, including stakeholders, to help understand the current challenges, develop visions for the future and explore opportunities to support transformation to a regenerative food system. As the programme develops, she will also work closely with stakeholders to apply and strengthen approaches to guide systemic change in the longer term.

Esther has worked in research since 2021 and previously coordinated a complex action-research project to improve collaborative approaches to enhance community resilience in ways that engage with the complexities of climate change. She has recently completed her PhD which examined how social relationships, amongst other diverse factors, shape community change initiatives in the context of climate change. Esther also worked as an environmental practitioner across levels of governance in the UK and for two years in South East Asia supporting community-based natural resource management.