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Georgios Pexas

Georgios is a Lecturer in Environmental Sustainability Assessment at the Cranfield Environment Centre, Cranfield University. He is an environmental biologist by training that has specialised, through MSc, PhD, and Postdoctoral studies and research, in spatiotemporal data analytics and modelling for informing environmental management and conservation strategies.

His current work involves the development and application of holistic sustainability assessment methods on production systems within the food, water, and energy nexuses with case studies ranging from intensive livestock and crop production to sustainable aviation and the strategic expansion of renewable energy sources, and clients including DEFRA, FSA, MoD, and several UK and EU academic institutions. A common denominator of Georgios’ research is that it aims to generate novel insights considering the following axes: i) facilitate decision making at system level, ii) facilitate policy making at global scales, and iii) advance methods and knowledge in the life cycle sustainability assessment space.

In the past, Georgios has worked in various research and innovation projects around: 1) sustainability trade-off assessment of future livestock feed and production system strategies, 2) evaluating the potential of Earth Observation to improve sustainable crop production, and 3) developing principles for effective coproduction of digital innovation to support sustainable agriculture. Dr Pexas has received the Sir Kenneth Blaxter Award by the British Society of Animal Sciences for his work on European pig production systems, and is an Associate Fellow of national and international professional associations in environmental management and life cycle assessment.


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