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Jonathan Williams, FareShare Yorkshire

Jonathan is Head of Development at Yorkshire’s largest food redistribution organisation, FareShare Yorkshire.  His work is focused on removing time-critical logistical barriers to food redistribution and maximising the impact of food among hundreds of Yorkshire’s frontline charities.  Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2017, he convened stakeholders from across the food industry to design a WRAP-funded trial to expand surplus interception.  Today that innovation enables over 1 million additional meals to be provided by frontline organisations across Yorkshire each year.  In 2019 he fundraised the creation of the FullCrumb Kitchen where charities and individuals receive cookery skill training to tackle food insecurity on different levels.  During the haulage crisis of 2021 he was seconded to FareShare UK to support a roll out of his transport innovation work across ten other counties.  Since 2023 he has served on the Steering Group of Good Food Barnsley and FareShare’s Regional Food Sourcing Governance Group.