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Dr Philip Hadley

Philip is a Research Associate in the School for Business and Society at the University of York in May 2023, working on projects related to food systems, hybrid business models and their associated supply chains. Alongside Fix our Food, Philip is involved in NIHR-funded research exploring community food assets in Bradford and Tower Hamlets (London), as well as a UKRI-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership with a research institution and social enterprise in South Africa, aimed at supporting smallholder farmers to grow climate-resilient, indigenous crops, and engage in supply chain development.

Philip holds a PhD in International Development, which explored hybrid co-operative companies in agriculture in central India, as well as the international organic cotton supply chains (and ‘novel’ partnership arrangements) in which they were operating. His research drew on multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork to examine everyday practices of co-operation, institution building and value chain integration, as well as their representation by a diverse array of actors.

Prior to his PhD, Philip worked in professional research, advocacy and project roles for a number of civil society organisations.