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Professor Katherine Denby

Image of Katherine Denby

Katherine is one of the Directors of FixOurFood and a member of the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products in the Biology Department at the University of York. Her research focuses on plant disease resistance, novel bio-control strategies and crop improvement for disease resistance, yield and quality traits. Katherine’s work is focused on leafy vegetables, using large-scale data and new plant breeding techniques to meet the needs of UK and Global South agriculture and new production systems (e.g. vertical farming). She is an editor of The Plant Journal and the journal Plants, People, Planet, and an Executive Board member of the Global Plant Council.

From 2016-2021 Katherine was Academic Director of the N8 AgriFood Programme, a multidisciplinary programme across eight UK universities integrating research and providing evidence to inform policy and practice in sustainable food production, resilient food supply chains, and accessible healthy diets to tackle national and global food security challenges.


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