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Influencing policy

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Image shows the word policies in upper case colourful letters

Roundel icon representing policyAchieving transformational change within the food system will require innovation in public policies. This in turn will require decision making processes – or governance – that are fit for purpose.

FixOurFood aims to identify which policies and governance structures are needed to support transformative change, with a particular focus on new innovative tools which can deliver food system transformation in Yorkshire and the UK. We will do this by exploring existing policies that affect the Yorkshire food system, focusing on those influencing and shaping school food, hybrid economies and farming.

We will identify how decisions are made and what policy opportunities for change we can influence from our research within the programme. In addition, we will explore the main policy and governance barriers to change and, most significantly, how these can be overcome.

Important outcomes will be to provide researchers and national decision makers with the knowledge needed on how to overcome policy and governance barriers to enable transformative policy to be delivered.

In addition, we aim to ensure that local decision makers have the capability and motivation to deliver transformative change in Yorkshire.

Key people: Prof Corinna Hawkes, Dr Chris Yap