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The FixOurFood Agrifood Calculator and the AgriFoodPy package.

The FixOurFood metrics team has recently released the latest revision of the FixOurFood Agrifood Calculator, an interactive tool to explore the effects of food system interventions on selected environmental and land use metrics.

This release includes the addition of a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) model, where Direct-Air Capture (DACCS) and Bioenergy (BECCS) are proposed as the main source for engineered sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions. A model for carbon sequestration from reforested land has also been incorporated. Parameters for the model can be used to control the ratio between coniferous and broadleaved trees used for reforestation, as well as the growth rate before maximum sequestration.

The main changes, however, are under the hood. This latest release presents a significant overhaul to the modelling framework used to construct the simulation pipeline. It is now fully based on the AgriFoodPy package, an open-source developed by the FixOurFood metrics team to aid on the development of simulations, data distribution and interoperability of internal and external agrifood models and tools.

AgriFoodPy allows a pipeline to be built modularly, in blocks of code which can be easily adjusted, replaced, or removed to set the model complexity. This approach significantly speeds up the development process and can be used to include models developed by other scientists.

AgriFoodPy is an open-source project, meaning all of the code is publicly available and open for contributions from the community. An open approach is a fundamental step towards transparent policy-making, as all the modelling decisions can be easily accessed. Results can be replicated and scrutinised for an enhanced discussion around food system transformations.

A paper describing the AgriFoodPy package and its methodology, led by Dr. Juan Pablo Cordero and Professor Sarah Bridle, has just been published in the Journal of Open Source Software.