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1. Technician – Grow It York

We are looking for a part-time Research Technician to play a key role in running Grow It York, which is an urban vertical farm being run through the FixOurFood programme. This technical position will run the indoor vertical farm and assist with research into its environmental and social impacts. We are interested in how the farm can lead to environmental benefits for local food businesses, how it could enhance consumption of leafy vegetables in the local area, and have positive social benefits for individuals and communities. You will work within a multidisciplinary team under the supervision of Dr Alana Kluczkovski and Prof Katherine Denby.

Please visit the University of York jobs page for the full advert.
Closing date for applications is 2nd January 2022
Interviews to be held on the 19th January
Salary in the range of £26,341 – £27, 924 (reduced pro-rata)

2. FixOurFood PhDs:

We are delighted to announce two fully-funded 3-year PhD studentships aligned to the FixOurFood interdisciplinary research programme. These studentships offer a unique opportunity for candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to join the FixOurFood team – shaping their own research, integrated with researchers from multiple disciplines and institutions, and with a strong ethos of co-design with external stakeholders.

The University of York is committed to recruiting regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or career pathway to date. We understand that commitment and excellence can be shown in many ways and we have built our recruitment process to reflect this. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, particularly those underrepresented in academia, who have curiosity, creativity and a drive to learn new skills.

Successful candidates (entry in October 2022) will be selected from applications to the following projects below. Please check back as more projects will be added soon. Click on the title to see the advert.

The Role of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in System Change – the Yorkshire Food System

How can urban farms best contribute to a healthy and equitable food system?

Exploring models of school food procurement to optimise the use of locally produced, affordable and sustainable food

Policy levers for equitable food procurement

How can transformative learning and evaluation platforms support food system transformations

Application deadline: 23rd January 2022
Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by an interdisciplinary panel in late February/early March 2022

Funding Notes
Appointed candidates will be fully-funded for 3 years. The funding includes:
Tax-free annual UKRI stipend (£15,609 for 2021/22 starts)
UK tuition fees (£4,650 for 2021/22)
Research support and training charges (RSTC)

The studentships are limited to candidates eligible for UK tuition fees.