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What do children think about school food?

Our FixOurFood in Schools team carried out some fun activities at the Harrogate Countryside Days to explore what is important to pupils around food in schools, and what changes they wanted to see in Yorkshire primary schools.

300 children participated in a sticky dot exercise. The students voted on 12 of priorities under the title of ‘What would you do if you were headteacher?’.

The students were then asked to write to their headteacher on one of our postcards. The template prompted children to write the changes they wanted to see in their school, or that they thought were important to have across primary schools.

Below are their top 5 priorities:

1. Free school meals for everyone
2. More recycling and composting
3. Have school trips to learn about food
4. More vegetarian and vegan options
5. Everyone has a say on what is on school meal menus

Read the full report: School food research report