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YESI International Fellows Scheme 2023/2024

The FixOurFood Hybrid Business team has been awarded an YESI International Fellows Scheme 2023/2024

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new  collaboration. Three members of the FixOurFood hybrid business team have won a YESI fellowship grant which allows for an international partnership with the University of Kumasi in Ghana, marking a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionise food systems worldwide.

The UK team is led by Prof Peter Ball alongside a dynamic team of researchers, including Dr Ulrike Ehgartner, Dr Ariadne Kapetanaki of the School for Business and Society , and Alana Kluczkovski, from Biology Department at the University of York. The prestigious team in Ghana includes Dr Emelia Darko Adzimah, Dr Meshach Awuah-Gyawu, and Prof Isaac Ofosu from the University of Kumasi. The project is titled “Leadership, logistics and health in the local leafy green supply chain: policy imperatives from Ghana and UK practice”

This innovative collaboration aims to dissect critical aspects of leafy green supply chains through robust stakeholder interaction, with a primary goal of generating policy imperatives to foster sustainable, resilient, and secure food systems. By integrating research on logistics, supply chain management, and health considerations, we endeavour to understand barriers and enablers for the provision of nutritious foods while minimising losses.

Recognizing the importance of effective leadership and governance, our project underscores the need for coordinated efforts in implementing sustainable practices and policies supported by stakeholders.

Aligned with YESI Research themes, our initiative serves as a beacon of emergent activities in local food systems, offering mutual benefits to communities in Yorkshire and Kumasi. Through international and  interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, we aspire to foster a culture of learning among researchers of diverse backgrounds and career stages.

Updates on our journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future for global food systems are coming soon.